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River City Rocketry coming to Feb launch

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Hello Tripoli Wisconsin,

We are River City Rocketry, a high power rocket team from the University of Louisville. We compete in NASA Student Launch and we are currently looking for a field at which we can conduct our first full-scale launch. I was not able to find a motor range on your website though I did see that your ceiling was 10,000 feet.

We will be launching an L2200 motor to a planned 5280 feet. The vehicle is scheduled to weigh 49 pounds and will have 4 separations with 4 independent sections falling under their own parachutes. We have a member with a Tripoli Level 2 certification who will be launching the vehicle.

Best regards,
Maria Exeler
River City Rocketry Co-Captain
University of Louisville

Feb 13, 18 5:41 am

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